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We are a family-owned, mom and pop kava bar located in North Naples. When you sit at our bar, you become family. Kava bars provide a space to socialize with your community as well as drinks and products that help customers find relief, balance, energy, calm, focus, and put a smile on their face. We specialize in Kava, Kratom (cosmic tea), and kombucha. Educating new guests is a pivotal part of our job, and we take pride in it. We love to interact with the community and provide our space for events like yoga, artist showcase, live music by local musicians, and vendors.

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Kava is a plant native to the south pacific islands. Most of our kava is sourced from Fiji and Vanuatu, but we also showcase strains from different islands. The root of the pepper plant Piper Methysticum is hand squeeze into an intoxicating drink that customers find it helps reduce stress, muscle aches, and a social lubricant for wallflowers. Traditionally kava has been used in ceremonies on the islands. As well as a drink to share with friends and neighbors. Kava has a reverse tolerance, so if you are new to kava, let us know so we can help ensure you have an excellent first experience. The more often you consume kava, the less you will need to feel the effects. A Bula is a shared experienced


Kratom is a generous plant from southeast Asia that we use to make our Cosmic Tea. The leaves of the kratom plant contain alkaloids that, when consumed in a tea, can provide an excellent mood lift. Many of our customers using higher doses of kratom find it helps with pain as well as giving a sense of wellbeing. The different strains also have their characteristics. 

White kratom has more of the mood lift and focus. Red kratom provides relaxation and warm relief. Green kratom is well rounded and balanced, leaving a smile on your face. Many customers report kratom being beneficial for depression, anxiety, mood balance, chronic pain, as well as being an essential tool in recovery from alcohol, opiates, and other substances.


Kombucha is a popular beverage made by fermenting healthy yeast and bacteria in tea, usually containing seasonal fruits or flavors. This delicious fizzy beverage provides a host of healthy micronutrients for the stomach flora. Think of it as nature’s probiotic. It’s essential to take care of your gut, and there is no reason it taking care of it can’t be delicious!