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What is Kava


First and foremost, Kava is a plant. In our case, it is the name of the beverage made from the root of the plant Piper methysticum, a close relative of Piper nigrum or Black Pepper. The name Kava is given to this beverage by the people of Vanuatu, commonly believed to be the architects of this plant.

Vanuatu is a set of islands that Fijians might plan their family vacation. These islands are about 750 miles west of Fiji, or about the distance between San Francisco and Tijuana. We source most of our Kava from Vanuatu because the kava roots and tradition are older, and therefore the product is superior. Although the exact origin of the plant is as of yet unknown, it is believed to be an artificial selection of another member of the Piper genus, Piper Wichmanii.

Kava root drying in Navala village, Viti Levu Island, Fiji
Kava has many names reflecting the many languages in the South Pacific. The Hawaiians referred to it as ‘awa, or ‘awa-‘awa. In Samoa, it is referred to as ava and yaqona in Fiji. Because it spread, so slowly different islands have adopted Kava for various reasons: ceremonial, recreational, spiritual, medicinal, political, and cultural. It’s also because of this slow spread that Kava has a different name, depending on which island you’re on. In many cultures, the plant and beverage it was named for had the same reverence and respect: a root of peace and friendship.


Why have islanders in the Pacific been consuming it for over 3000 years?
Well, for one thing, we all seek new experiences- especially when it turns out those new experiences make you feel good.
It might have taken a little longer for Kava to float over to the Bay, but why is the Bay Area adopting Kava?
Traditional Kava Ceremony in Fiji. The consumption of the drink is a form of welcome and figures in important socio-political events.


We are proud to have partnered with, and feature Kava certified “Noble” and meets all UN Codex requirements by True Kava. Be sure you always ask about your Kava, the varietal, root ratio, and testing!